Swaziland Propose Lifting the Ban on Rhino Horn Trade to CITES

by - April 29, 2016

Swaziland have made the decision to propose lifting the ban on rhino horn trade to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). 

In my post entitled "Legalise the Rhino Horn Trade" (click here), I spoke about how South Africa did not choose to do this, and how really the proposition needed to come from South Africa. The proposal from Swaziland is much less likely to work than if it had come from South Africa (which still had no guarantee of working).

BUT this decision is important and will start important conversations that need to happen. It has brought this issue right into the forefront of conversation, and will be formally discussed and voted on at the CITES Conference of Parties in Johannesburg in September. 

This is why this proposal is so important. It means this issue has been given a voice; and will be discussed at the biggest conference on illegal trade in the world. 

"100% of the proceeds from the sale of rhino horn are taken by criminals, while rhino custodians pay 100% of the costs of rhino protection" - quote from the guardian article on this announcement. 

I fully support Swaziland in their proposal and wish them luck this September. I congratulate them for speaking out when South Africa didn't. I hope they know how many people want this change to happen, and how determined we all are that it will. This is an important step towards saving our rhino, and I hope CITES sees that. I hope CITES take this seriously, and put the value of the rhino above the greed of the rich and powerful.


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