Vietnam Acknowledge there is no evidence that Rhino horn can cure cancer!

by - May 21, 2016

Vietnam’s Ministry of Health and the Traditional Medicine Association has agreed to acknowledge that there is no evidence to support the belief that rhino horn can cure cancer.

This acknowledgement is brilliant news to rhino conservationists. It is often said and thought that reversing the belief that rhino horn holds medicinal value, is near impossible. As conservationists often say, education is so important. People appreciate what they understand. 

Although this is a small step for Vietnam, it’s a huge victory for rhinos and conservationists. If the government admits that there’s no proof of rhino horn having medicinal value, then more people will be aware of it. It will make it easier to spread the truth to the people actually buying rhino horn products.

If the buying stops, the killing can too. 

This was just a short, quick post to update you all on the latest developments on all things rhino. Obviously, educating people not to buy rhino horn is extremely important. I still firmly believe legalising the trade is the necessary solution for the time being. Hopefully though, if this kind of progress continues, even the legal trade will be unnecessary one day.

Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa 

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