Planet Earth II

by - December 19, 2016

Sir David Attenborough (source)
It's hardly surprising that I watched and LOVED Planet Earth II. I adored Planet Earth the first time, and so I was very excited for this one. The advert alone brought tears to my eyes. 
I mentioned in my previous post that I think this documentary is a game changer. I think it's a cut above anything made before, and the extent of wildlife and ecosystems filmed is outstanding. The main reason I loved it so much, was it filmed so many animals that had never been caught on camera before. 

David Attenborough has been a hero of mine for as long as I can remember. His documentaries have educated people on the importance and beauty of the natural world, and his passion is so inspiring. I think the decision to film in the cities was a bold one, and an ingenious one. Showing people how our world and the natural world interacts is so important, including how detrimental it can be for wildlife. 
I honestly don't have a favourite scene; but here are some of my highlights:
  • The iguana-snake scene. This had me on the edge of my seat the entire way through. It was unexpected, dramatic and exciting. 
  • The urban leopard hunt. This again was really exciting, and unexpected. I didn't realise how close leopards came to people. This was also the first time this was filmed. 
  • The beetles in the desert who form their own water from condensation. 
  • Komodo Dragon sequence in episode one. That was spectacular!
  • Araguaia river dolphin footage. Just incredible and another first for the series.
  • Kaziranga: everything they captured there. The end of episode 5, where they show an insight into how they filmed some of the show, was possibly my favourite part of the episode. Obviously I loved seeing rhinos on the show, and to have such remarkable sightings of elephants, rhinos, buffalo and tigers must've been a dream come true for the crew and an unforgettable experience. It has made me want to visit Kaziranga National Park. 
Those are just a few of my favourite bits but I could honestly go one forever, and there was no part of it that I didn't love. 

People always react to "shocking" footage. Hunts, or any dying animal scenes always cause mixed reactions and controversy. I personally don't understand how you can watch a nature documentary and not expect to see hunting, or death. It's nature; it's the circle of life. I'm not saying it's not sometimes horrible to watch, and I know you're always torn between wanting the prey to live, and not wanting the predator to starve, but to be able to see some of the animals hunt in the way we did in Planet Earth II is so special. It gives a realistic insight into the natural world, and the struggles animals face to survive. 

I will inevitably be re-watching Planet Earth II forever more. Sir David Attenborough, you've done it again. 

Let me know if you were watching, and which bits were your favourite! And lastly, for all my fellow students out there.. the soundtrack is great to work to! 

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