Petition to Shut Down Ivory Markets in the UK

by - January 11, 2017

I wrote a post entitled China Bans Ivory Trade (see here) right at the end of 2016 when China announced they were going to ban Ivory Trade in China in 2017 (starting in March). This was really exciting news for Africa's elephants, and over here in the UK, people were rejoicing. My Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram timelines were all filled with the excitement of people sharing the news. Overall, there was lots of positivity towards this change, and it felt like people really supported China. 

However, Britain is sadly one of the largest consumers of Ivory. We buy it for ornaments and such like. This needs to end. We need to work with China on killing the Ivory market. So I am calling all readers, especially British citizens, to sign the following petition:

In the UK, petitions of this nature that receive 100,000 signatures are debated by parliament. At the time I am sharing this with you, there are 93,965. Therefore, a little over 6,000 more and parliament have to debate it. That's so achievable in the next few days, and so I urge you all to sign it. Join this exciting movement to protect elephants, and share it with all your friends! 

That is all I wanted to say today! Happy Wednesday, and get signing! 

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