Biodegradable Glitter: A Review

by - November 11, 2018

Glitter is, sadly, very bad for the environment. Glitter is essentially a microplastic, and so can be extremely harmful to numerous ecosystems, especially the oceans. Their small size means they are easily consumed by animals, from plankton to whales, and this can have fatal consequences. It may look great and be fun to wear, but scientists have warned against using it, and some have called for a ban.

So, with festival season approaching, I decided to buy some biodegradable glitter. I was very exciting to learn there were biodegradable alternatives. There are in fact now, several companies offering biodegradable glitter, at the same price as regular glitter. I bought mine from but loads of other brands sell it, including Gypsy ShrineEco Glitter Fun, and many more: simply type 'biodegradable glitter' into google and have a peruse of your options!!

I wasn't sure what it would be like: would it stay on as well as regular glitter? Would you get the same coverage? Would it even look the same?

I can confirm: it did not disappoint. I can think of no good reason now to not buy bio-glitter over regular glitter ever again! The coverage was so good, it lasted for an entire day/night at a festival (in around 30 degree heat), it came off easily in the shower, and it worked really well. I was so pleased and now plan to buy lots more to satisfy all my glittery needs - guilt free! 

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