Lion Feeding

by - July 15, 2016

Wednesday 13th July
Sandra woke up at 6 and left Zena and I so she could finish packing. She left at 6.40 but came in for one last goodbye! Very sad :(
Chriszanne said I could stay with Zena for longer if I wanted, which obviously I said yes too. Amalie came in too as she was up saying goodbye to Sandra. Chriszanne fell back asleep and so no one came to let us out until 7.50, and we were meeting at 8. I didn't care though as would rather spend that time with Zena.
I was on feeding today - my last feeding. Because it was my last one, I wanted to feed the lions. This was the first time they actually fed properly. By that I mean, the right lion went straight to the right person, and no one had two lions chasing after them. I was very impressed.

We were in the middle of feeding the foxes when people come running over saying I was needed. Turns out there was tour I didn't know about. Hannah was leading it, but it was her first one so I went alone with her - she was very good. It was for a lovely family who were really interested. The best tours are always for the people who actually care about the animals.
After the tour finished I helped others with some work. We were filling in holes, while others electrified a fence. Then it was lunch. It was fat cake again which was so good; even better than last time.
Another group went in with the caracals and the lions and the rest of us relaxed. When they were back we fed some of the lions. It was my last lion feeding and my last time touching the calves. Bitter sweet. I love watching the feeding. The way the lions are around the calves is really cool to watch; especially the female teenagers who aren't as strong. It takes them longer to get into the calves and so they lick them and nibble them for a while to soften the skin (I assume) before biting in. I stayed at watched for quite a while after we had fed them because I knew I wasn't going go see it again (anytime soon at least!) It's so sad being in your last week because you know a lot of the things you are doing, you are doing for the last time.

In the evening we watched a movie and hung out before bed.

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