Miss Fortune | Book Review

by - June 21, 2017

While in Sicily I read Albina Hume's book "Miss Fortune." It is a memoir of her life which starts in a small village in Ukraine and ends with her meeting John Hume and moving to South Africa. 

Her story is incredibly powerful, and I think it's very brave and inspiring that she wrote a book to tell her story. I don't want to re-tell her story here because I won't do it justice, and you should all go read it yourself.
The book was written originally in English, which is Albina's 3rd language. That is impressive in itself, but it's beautifully written. It reads like a story, and is simple to follow. This makes it hard to put down, and you could easily read it over a weekend. 
The book tackles some really important issues that Albina has faced throughout her life. She has really had an incredible journey. The book largely follows her quest for love and marriage, and the trials she faces along the way. 
Despite a host of difficulties, there is a happy ending in South Africa with now-husband John Hume. I have met both of them before and they're both lovely people. John Hume is the world's largest rhino breeder, and the end of the book briefly discusses how he has a passion for breeding endangered animals in order to repopulate them. 
It is hard to write about this book without giving too much away. I really recommend reading it - it was a good holiday read. There are so many surprises in it and it's a remarkable memoir. I know this is a short post as I don't want to give much away, but I wanted to write this to bring some attention to the book as it really does deserve it. 

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