My last day

by - July 20, 2016

The fact I was leaving really hadn't sunk in. The last week in particular had gone so fast. I am not ready to go home; back to reality and away from all the amazing people and animals I've met here.
The previous evening, Bobby, a capuchin monkey had arrived. Today everyone had to sit with him in pairs so he would get comfortable. He was attacked by dogs and so was a bit nervous. Hannah and I did the first shift.
Bobby is both adorable and insane all in one. He didn't want to eat anything, except one quarter of a piece of bread with jam on. He did however, kill a family of lizards. He found them and threw them around the enclosure. He tried to eat one but couldn't bite into it. It was very weird.
He also enjoyed biting my shoes. He was strange as he would curl up next to you, but only liked being touched in certain places and would hit your hand away. He liked my shoes though, not sure why.
There was a tour at 10: my last tour. I wanted to lead it since it was my last, but 3 others who want to do tours while they are there came along, to see how it goes. It was a good tour. The people were lovely, and the animals were great. We took them to the shop as well and they bought things. It was sad to be my last one, but I enjoyed it.
After lunch, we did water. Amalie and I spent a lot of the afternoon walking around the farm, taking pictures and saying goodbye. It was so sad but it still hadn't sunk in at all that we were leaving. We spent a lot of time with each animal. Bobby ate more, and Alex and Tau were very happy.
To be honest, the whole day is a bit of a blur. I couldn't believe it was my last day. Amalie and I walked around until sunset (neither of us had packed but we didn't want to waste precious animal time by packing.)
Once the sun had gone down, we packed and had dinner, and then hung out with everyone.
Saying goodbye to the Burgers was the worst. I went to their flat to settle my bill, and had a long chat with them. I absolutely adore this family, and have so much respect for them and have had so much fun with them. I really hope I will see them again.

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