Canada #2: Hiking, Cake and Boat Trips

by - September 23, 2016

Tuesday 13th September was my mum's birthday (I won't say how old she is). She and I both really wanted to go hiking while we were in Canada since we were staying in the mountains and we knew there was several trails we could go on, and so we decided we would do that for her birthday. 
Happy Birthday Mum!
We followed the Loree trail. It is supposedly one of those trials that no matter which was you turn, you will return to the same place. We reached a view point which looked over the bay and it was really beautiful. However, getting back to the car was interesting. We followed whichever path we found, but it just felt like we were getting further and further into the woods (which we were). But it didn't really matter as we had a great time and the woods were awesome to be in; although we did end up walking down a hill to a small stream and having to cross a small bridge before climbing back up. 

We eventually ended up back on the road, but about a mile away from the car. I really would recommend the Loree trail in the Blue Mountains. It's not a difficult walk and the sights are beautiful. 

After we got back to Thornbury we went to the Thornbury Bakery for lunch which was delicious, and then everyone was really tired and the weather wasn't as good as it had been earlier that day so we went back to the house. Most people napped but I just sat on the deck for a bit. 
For dinner, some family members had organised mum a wonderful meal at their house. The whole meal was delicious, topped off with an incredible cake! This thing was huge and tasted amazing. I think it's set the bar for all future cakes now, and was baked by the owners of the bakery! It was a lovely evening and mum had a great day so happy birthday mum! 

The next day we decided to go on a day trip. It was just my uncle, aunt, mum, sister and I who could go (the English) as the others were all busy with either work or wedding prep! We went to Tobermory, in Ontario, for the day. It's on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, and is famous for it's fresh water diving. It's popular for diving because of it's shipwrecks. My uncle and I were looking into doing a dive there, but it was 2 and a half hours from where we were staying and because we were quite busy and not in Canada for that long, it just wasn't looking feasible. 
Instead, we had lunch by the marina and then went on a boat trip. The boat took us over some wrecks, which you could see perfectly through the crystal clear water, and then to Flowerpot Island; so-named because some of the rocks resemble flowerpots. The boat trip was really good. We didn't have time to get off at Flowerpot Island because we had to be back in Thornbury for the evening because more of my cousins were arriving from England, but on the journey out there, which was where we saw the wrecks, we had the boat to ourselves (unfortunately on the way back it was very busy, but two people had two cavaliers on there which reminded me of my dog and one came to sit with me, so I was happy). 

The water was beautiful and the wrecks were awesome. The whole area was very pretty and we were really glad we got to go. I definitely recommend going on a boat trip if you are down there, and if we hadn't been pushed for time, we would definitely have followed a trail on the island, or even camped there for the night. I definitely want to do a dive there as well if I ever go back! 

In the evening, my cousin and his girlfriend arrived and we had dinner at the house we were staying in. It was great to have more people in the house, and dinner was delicious as always. 

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