by - June 21, 2017

I just got back from spending a week in Sicily, and had an incredible time. I went as my cousin's +1, with another cousin and his partner, and their two friends and their partners. It was a great group and we had an incredible villa. We had a fair few days at the villa by the pool, relaxing enjoying the sun. The weather was hot, roughly 28-31°C. We stayed near Agrigento but had rented cars so I'm going to write about some of the stuff we did. 

1. Mt Etna. 
Sicily is a volcanic island. Mt Etna is an active volcano but you can still go pretty far up it. We got cable cars from the furthest point you can drive yourself. The cable car takes you to roughly 2,400m elevation. You can then either get a bus higher, and once you get to a certain height you have to be accompanied by a guide. However we didn't get the bus, but walked up a bit further and just walked around. From there you get an incredible view of Sicily, and of the volcano. It was cooler up there too and so more bearable to walk around. It was awesome. We spent a couple hours up there before getting the cable cars back down. It was my favourite place we visited and I highly recommend it. The cable car is definitely worth getting, and doesn't last too long. 

Becky and I in the cable car
View from 2,700m

2. Taormina 
About an hour drive from Etna is a town called Taormina. We had lunch in one of the restaurants and then went to the amphitheatre there. This is definitely worth a visit - I love exploring amphitheatres and the view is incredible. You can see the ocean on both sides and the volcano. 

3. Valley of the Temples
This is in Agrigento so was about a 10 minute drive from our villa. From the beginning to the end is about a 2km walk so doesn't take too long and is an easy walk. The view is great and the temples are really cool. They're in varying conditions but they're all pretty impressive. 

4. Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte
We had a brief stop here at sunset which I think was the best time to come. There are 142 steps so going at a cooler time of day is a good idea, and the view from the top at sunset is great. 

5. Scala dei Turchi 
This is a rocky cliff overlooking a beach we visited. It is bright white; it looks like it's been bleached. All the beaches we saw were beautiful, but this one was close to our villa and so we spent a day there. It was beautiful, and the sea was so warm. 

6. Agrigento Cathedral 
If you stay near Agrigento, or visit the temples, stopping in the town is a good idea. The cathedral is very pretty and has a good view. There are also lots of streets to get lost in and some lovely cafes. 

These are just a few things we did, but there is so much to see in Sicily it's definitely worth a trip! The weather in June was perfect so I would say it was a good time of year to go. The food is amazing, the ice cream is even better (we had ice cream every day) and the wine is great too! I had an awesome time with a great group of people.

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