Diani Beach

by - April 22, 2016

After an incredible few days at the Samburu National Reserve, we flew back to Nairobi, and then to Mombassa. Once we arrived in Mombassa we were driven to Diani Beach. We stayed in the most incredible resort. We had a private villa, with a chef (who had cooked for the President) and waiter to ourselves. I've never stayed anywhere like this!

The staff were all incredibly kind and helpful. I really enjoyed getting to know them, and learning some Swahili. The resort itself was beautiful. It was situated right on the beach, and had a large pool with a bar. 

While in Mombassa we also visited a monkey sanctuary, seeing the work they do to protect the monkeys from the deforestation and roads. 

We mostly did lots of relaxing, reading and eating. The weather was mixed.. Although this is British summertime, there was a lot of rain; proper, tropical rain. However we did have some days of blissful sunshine, and it was still very warm. 

I read One Day by David Nicholls, which I really enjoyed. If anyone hasn't read it (although most have by now) I really recommend it, and David Nicholls in general. 

I can only really describe Diani Beach as paradise. It's incredibly beautiful and I really recommend a trip to Kenya's coastline if you are ever in the country; it's worth it!

 There isn't much else to say so here are some photos from the week:

glimpse of the villa
monkey stealing our sugar!
my sister and I with our lovely chef and waiter

All photos in the post were taken by myself, or a member of my family on our trip. 

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