8 goodbyes and 8 hellos

by - June 25, 2016

Thursday 23rd June
Referendum day back home (I already voted). I can imagine at home it's all anyone can talk about. Although I am anxiously awaiting the results, I am glad to be away from the constant talk of it.
Another busy morning. Started out by making cement for the new kitchen walls, and helping apply it, and then cleaning the floor where it had all fallen. This took ages but it did look good eventually.
We then went down to the new curio shop, where they are building a coffee shop, toilet and meerkat enclosure. I say building, it's mostly built but they're empty buildings. I was helping with the meerkat enclosure to begin with, which involves (you'll never guess) more holes! We were putting up stumps for them to climb up which was pretty exhausting. It was also really hot - probably the hottest day we've had. This time of year (the beloved British summer) is actually winter in South Africa. You would never know during the day, but the nights are so cold. We always start work in the mornings (around 7.30am) in countless layers of cloths and inevitably end up in a t-shirt and shorts by 10am. This particularly applies to those of us who are from notoriously cold countries.
I also helped with putting up signs and moving doors, which were a welcome break from digging.
Lunch couldn't have come sooner. Afterwards we had some free time to sunbathe and relax. As I've said in previous posts, 8 people leave tomorrow and so needed to pack. I finished reading "Me before You." It really is an amazing book, but I didn't cry? Not sure if that reflects badly on me.. But I can't wait to see the film!
Havana, one of the caracals here was sterilised this afternoon. The vet came and darted him and we got to watch it. It was very quick and easy, although the boys were all horrified by it. Havana also had a cut and so that was cleaned too. When he woke up he was so delirious, especially as he was put in a separate enclosure. He was very dizzy, as if he was really drunk, and was running around falling into things. It was quite sad to watch as he was obviously confused, but you almost couldn't help but laugh.

It's such a shame to see this group go - they were all here when I arrived and so it's weird for me to get to know them so much for a week, and then have to say goodbye. Most of them are staying in South Africa to travel some more so I hope they have an amazing time.

Friday 24th June

I got up early to say goodbye to some people, and once I knew the referendum result, I didn't sleep again. It was our day off - we still had to do feeding, water and house and there was only 4 of us so it took longer than usual.
We were all exhausted and one girl wasn't feeling well so we didn't go out. We just relaxed on the farm.
In the evening 8 new volunteers arrived. We all had dinner together and got to know each other a little bit. Everyone was pretty tired so we just watched a movie and went to bed. They all seem really lovely and excited to be here. They are all here 2 or 3 weeks, so I'll be here for their whole stay.

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