Arriving in Johannesburg

by - June 16, 2016

Wednesday 15th June
I have arrived safely in South Africa! Flight was good - nice and empty so I had 3 seats to myself which was amazing, and makes me wonder how I ever travelled with only one seat. I was met at the airport with another volunteer, who sadly isn't actually on my project, but we have our "orientation" in Johannesburg over the next few days together.

We were driven to a lovely hostel in a small town/village called Melville. Trizzy (the other volunteer) and I went exploring a little bit and found a nice cafe for lunch, and spent the remaining afternoon in the sun back at the hostel. We then had dinner with the owner and some other guests before getting an early night as we were both exhausted after all the travelling. It was a pretty chilled day, but that's exactly what I needed.

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