Canada #4: The Big Day and Sad Goodbyes

by - October 02, 2016

The big day had arrived, and it was the most amazing wedding. Everyone who was there had an amazing time, the bride looked absolutely stunning and it was perfect. 
The wedding wasn't until 4.00pm and so we had the whole morning to get ready. Weather-wise, it wasn't really what you want on your wedding day. It was the first rain we'd had all week, and it came down by the bucketload. Even us Brits were impressed. The forecast had predicted it, but none of us believed it until then. But we stayed optimistic as there was lots of time for the rain to clear before the wedding would start. 
We got ready at our house and took some pictures (and may have had some champagne) before heading to the venue! The wedding was at a gorgeous pub on the lake. The ceremony was moved into a marquee which was beautifully decorated, and as soon as it started, the weather cleared! It couldn't have been more perfect timing; as if it was planned! 
After the lovely ceremony, there were pictures and drinks before dinner. Everyone looked lovely, and because the weather ended up being so nice, they had their pictures outside in front of the water which was so picturesque. 
Dinner was a build-you-own-burger - genius - with a selection of salads, and all the food was great. Then came the speeches, which were all very good. The cakes (plural) were brought out which were incredibly impressive. 
After a lot of food, the dancing began. Do I really need to say more..? What I will say is, there was always a very strong english presence on the dance floor!
Overall, lots was drank, lots was eaten and everyone had a wonderful evening. I wish the bride and groom a lifetime of happiness together, and thanks guys for an awesome wedding! 

The next day, everyone was feeling pretty fragile (did I mention we  hosted an after party beer pong tournament at the house?) We had all agreed for a family jump off the pier the morning after the wedding. When you've had a night out, this seems like a terrible idea the next day, but eventually we all headed to the beach. 
Jumping into a lake off a pier is the BEST hangover cure I have found yet. I recommend it strongly (to be honest, any outdoor activity is good). We swam to "the rock" and just hung around the beach for most of the day. We had dinner at our house as it was our last night. The week had gone so quickly. 

Our flight was overnight so we had Monday morning in Thornbury. Next to the pub where the wedding was, there is a dam, but since it is part of the salmon migration, they had built a path for the salmon to get up. If you've ever seen the salmon migration on national geographic of tv or in real life, you'll know how insane it is! They  are heading upstream, so against the water, and have to negotiate rapids. They jump quite high out of the water sometimes! 
It has started in Thornbury, so after breakfast at the bakery, we headed to the pub to see it. I tried my best to get some photos, but unfortunately I wasn't very successful. However, here is a photo of  the path and what they are fighting against..

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and it was time to go home. After an almost-run-in with the hire car company, we arrived at the airport and got on our plane home to England. I had an amazing holiday in Canada. It's made me want to travel more of Canada in the future, and obviously it was lovely to see my family. Saying goodbye to everyone was very sad, but hopefully we'll all see each other again soon.

Until next time, Canada!

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