Boulders Beach, Cape Town

by - January 13, 2019

I visited the famous Boulders Beach Penguin colony a few days ago after arriving in Cape Town. I have move out here for the next 14 or so months to study a masters degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Cape Town. 

Boulders Beach was one of the first things I wanted to do here in Cape Town because 1) I've never seen wild penguins before and 2) you'd have to be crazy to not want to see penguins on a beach. 

It's a really beautiful spot with clear and beautiful water, white sand, and a whole lot of penguins. The species in the African penguin. They're very comical birds, waddling up the sand and panting to cool themselves down sat on their eggs. But when they get in the water, they couldn't be more graceful. From the viewing platform you can see them swimming in the shallow water, and then bumble in the waves and start walking up the beach. 

You can walk along the boardwalk, and then go down onto a small section of the beach and spend the whole day there if you want - go swimming, sun bathe, or just watch the penguins. There are a lot more of them near the boardwalk viewing platform because people can't get on the beach there, and so they can nest there peacefully. 

R152 (roughly £8.55 or US$10.99) for a standard ticker
R39 for a South African resident (have to prove this with SA ID card/drivers license)

I think it's worth the R152. You can walk a small section of the board walk for free and you will most likely see penguins there to the side among the trees, but to see them in or around the water you need to pay. 

Although you will see lots of penguins there, they are an endangered facing great declines due to human encroachment on their habitat, over-fishing of their food, and the success of their main predator, the cape fur seal.

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