Kayaking in Cape Town

by - January 27, 2019

I went kayaking along the sea front in Cape Town last week with Kaskazi Kayaks (who I very much recommend, and their Instagram is awesome). The underwater world in the western Cape is one full of all manner of ocean creatures and so I've been anxious to get out on the water. 

Well a kayak safari is a great way to see some of these marvellous animals. I saw a sun fish, penguins, seals, and dolphins. The seals and dolphins were having great fun playing in the waves, and you can get a great view from the kayak as you are so close to the water level. 

You also get an awesome view of Table Mountain and the city behind you as you move out to sea. 

It cost R400 (roughly £22) and we were on the water for at least a couple hours. I really recommend this as something to do one morning. 

I did take my GoPro, but a combination of the wide-angle not producing much more than the occasional black dot on a sea of blue, along with my over-excitement every time I saw anything, meant my photos from the experience aren't the best. So you'll have to go for yourself!

Photos by Kaskazi Kayaks. 

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