by - July 21, 2016

Every year my mum, sister and I (and usually Portia) go down to Pembrokeshire in Wales. My mum grew up there and so that's why really, and her best friend from uni lives there. We usually go in August but this year we went in July, just after I got home (literally).
I arrived at the airport and went straight to Wales; stayed in Cardiff for one night for my grandma's 90th and then drove to Pembrokeshire the next day.
We always stay with our friends - my mums best friend from uni and her family. We are really close and we always have a great time. We arrived just after lunch and since it wasn't raining we went to Broad Haven beach for a walk which was lovely, despite it being a bit grey. We then went to Dale for a drink on the wall - a bit of a tradition. Dale is a lovely place and we go every year. You can go crabbing there off the pier, or just enjoy a drink from the Griffin. The view is fabulous and it never disappoints.
The next day was one of those rare days in the UK - it was hot. And I don't even mean what British usually mean by hot (aka slightly warm and no rain) - it was actually hot; I'm talking around 30 degrees. We went to Barafundle Bay to make the most of this opportunity.
Barafundle Bay is one of Pembrokeshire's treasures, and used to be one no one knew about. In recent years it's had a lot of attention from tourists and so has become busier but luckily, despite the weather, it was still nice and empty.
It was the perfect day for the beach. The water wasn't even that cold. We had sandwiches on the beach and went for a swim. It was lovely.

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  1. oh lovely pictures! But Kate would you and your family like to adventure to The Gambia? I believe you'll have a wonderful journey if possible